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4 DIY Hair Growth Treatments Using SEAMOSS

What can SEAMOSS do for your hair?

Using SEAMOSS can also be very beneficial when applied topically to your hair. When used in the hair SEAMOSS encourages a healthy scalp and a healthy environment for hair growth!  As SEAMOSS is a rich source of vitamin E, it improves hair growth. It also helps prevent lack of hair loss due to the iron content in SEAMOSS!

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How SEAMOSS works when it's applied to your face

SEAMOSS face mask

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How To Use SEAMOSS Gel 5 Different Ways

This video shows you different ways to use SEAMOSS Gel.  Get creative about how you choose to use SEAMOSS!

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How To Use SEAMOSS Gel For Fast Hair Growth!

This video shows you how SEAMOSS Gel can be used to promote healthy and stronger hair!  Check out this video and see how SEAMOSS can help your hair!

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